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SUBJECT: I'm Standing Up for Farmers

Dear Member of Parliament

Prime Minister Harper has stated that he intends to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board by Christmas, 2011.

I wish to voice my objection to this decision on the following grounds:

- That Prime Minister Harper has not adequately consulted, as he is required to do, the relevant Canadian wheat and barley farmers on the matter.

- That in a plebiscite, 62% of relevant farmers stated that they want the CWB to remain in place.

- That this decision could be the beginning of the end for many family farms that form the backbone of Canadian agriculture, and it is unconscionable that a Canadian way of life should be put at risk without the opinions of those families being heard.

You are strongly urged to make my feelings known to the Prime Minister, to Cabinet and to the House of Commons when there is a vote on this matter.


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